Environmental health transparency for HealthTrust members

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MindClick + HealthTrust

Through a new collaboration with MindClick, a leader in product transparency solutions, HealthTrust members now have access to environmental health product intelligence through MindClick’s Environmental Health (EH) Index. 

Members can understand the contributions products are making to healthier environments, and:

  • Quickly find products free of chemicals of concern.
  • See how a supplier’s packaging choices are reducing waste.
  • Learn which suppliers lead the way in environmental responsibility.

How it works

MindClick translates supplier responses to the industry's Standardized Environmental Questionnaire (SEQ) into easy-to-use, easy-to-understand EH ratings.

Members get a good/better/best indicator of a product's contribution to waste reduction, safer chemicals, and alternative disposal solutions such as recycling, reprocessing and reuse.


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  • Discover the innovative approaches suppliers are applying to material choices, use of safer chemicals, more efficient packaging, and waste reduction.
  • Determine how well products and manufacturers support responsible sourcing and sustainability goals.
  • Access analysis of product performance by EH attribute.
  • Find products and contracts that meet specific sustainability reporting goals.


Help your customers benefit from your product's positive EH impact.

Today, HealthTrust members have access to EH ratings for products from over 100 suppliers across more than 250 categories. Sign up for a MindClick EH Index webinar and:

  • Learn how members are using EH data.
  • Make sure your products are included.
  • See how your products rate.
  • Understand how to improve your ratings.
MindClick EH Index

MindClick EH Index

HealthTrust's new EH portal - powered by MindClick, includes EH data for contracted products listed in the Index.

The rapidly growing MindClick EH IndexTM currently includes:

  • Over 300 suppliers and growing.
  • 120,000+ products.
  • More than 1,000,000 environmental health attributes.

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